The Tennessee Dirt Devil has certainly gained alot of recognition nationwide. It has grown into something that I never dreamed of when this idea first came into fruition. I am amazed and so thankful for each and every call or email I recieve in interest to Dual Purpose Tennessee. One question I am asked many times. Some websites have noted that due to some inconsiderate morons getting on private land that the trail is no longer recommended. Please note these individuals were not customers of Dual Purpose Tennessee. My maps clearly mark the areas of private land and do not enter areas. My map is comprised of 100 percent public roads and is fully legal and accessible to all without intruding on private land. It is completely open to respectful riders and there is no concern of riding the trail at all. When some choose to not purchase a map they open themselves up to the risk and consequences of riding on the now private closed area. These landowners deserve respect and have the right to protect their property. I have made a great effort to try to respect all of the landowners in this area so that we can have this beautiful riding area for a long future. The ones that choose to cheat the system and ride on private land truly ruins it for the rest of us and gives my business a bad name. Please purchase and follow the maps directions when going on the Tennessee Dirt Devil.  I want everyone to have fun and enjoy the trail and I also want the landowners around the trail to be happy we are there.  That being said, please purchase a map and enjoy the ride.
  Another question I recieve alot is tour dates. Unfortunately I have started a new job requiring constant nationwide travel. That being said, I have currently suspended all guided tours. At this time everyone is purchasing a map and performing their own rides. I always highlight the route I use for my guided tours. I feel this route is the "best of the best" on the map. It's the most scenic route and a nice one days ride. The map is over 200 miles of riding so it will supply many days of riding to cover the entire riding area. 
   It's always great to meet the dual sport riders as well as the Jeep owners. These are two close knit groups who I always enjoy. Thanks to each and every one of you who have supported Dual Purpose Tennessee. It is greatly appreciated. Everyone stay safe and have fun. See you on the trail, Dave

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